Condition Red`s members have different likes and dislikes in music,
but all of us dig The Clash, The Damned, Ramones, Motörhead,
The Stooges and all of that old school Punk Rock
as well as
classic R`n`R, R & B
, Beat, Reggae and Soul.

Here you can find some links about our interests and inspirations - enjoy !

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Music Punk pages & webzines Politics Trash Culture & weird stuff MP3
The Clash  
Clash City Rockers ... and more ...
London's Burning! ... and even more Clash
Strummersite Joe Strummer`s official page
Strummerville Joe Strummer`s official page
the only website that matters Joe Strummer tribute page
Big Audio Dynamite here you can download the last Joe Strummer-recording
Ramones official homepage
Ramones Fanpage lotsa pics, tabs, links etc.
Ramones Online very good fanpage with mp3s of rare songs
Joey Ramone official homepage
Dee Dee Ramone official homepage
The Damned official homepage
Totally Damned great fanpage - has mp3 s of rare recordings
The Cramps fanpage
Dead Kennedys fanpage
John Lydon official homepage
Buzzcocks official homepage
Bad Brains  official homepage
Black Flag fanpage
Misfits fanpage about their real stuff from the 80s
Stiv Bators & the Dead Boys Bomp Records` page about Stiv
The Stranglers official homepage
Iggy Pop official homepage with videos
The Dils the SF legend
The Official Dickies Web Site with real audio
The Adicts official page - mp3 s of old and new stuff
The Jam fansite
The Tenpole Tudor Home Page also still going
The Slits one of the first girl Punk bands
The Runaways the pre-Punk girls
New York Dolls  
the Wipers official homepage
Devo official homepage
The Residents official homepage
Adam & The Ants fanpage with mp3 s
Blondie official homepage
U.S. Bombs official homepage
D.O.A. official homepage
Swamp Baby the band that did the soundtrack to "Hard Core Logo"
TSOL official homepage with many mp3s and Videos to download
GWAR the greatest show in the galaxy
Motörhead official homepage
Rose Tattoo official homepage
Boy Division our guitarist`s other band (with mp3s)
99 % Bitch ... and yet another band our guitarist is part of (with mp3s)
Spinal Tap the legendary cock-rockers
Stiff Records the legendary label
CBGB`s the legendary club - this is a link to their photo history page
El Vez the mexican Elvis
Eddie Cochran  
Gene Vincent The Black Leather Rebel
The Ventures the raunchy guitars from the sixties
Otis Redding the late great crooner`s site
Steve Cropper the guitarist from Booker T. & the MG s
Rock `n` Roll Page about people who made Rock`n` Roll great in the 50's and 60's
Bobby Fuller Four ... wrote " I Fought The Law "
Wang Dang Dula  Rock`n`Roll page
Dead Rockstars all listed here

Punk pages and webzines Music Politics Trash Culture & weird stuff  MP3
Punk Magazine The Original
Search & Destroy cool Punk search-engine and linkpage
World Wide Punk thousands of links ! Also  Punk MP 3 s here
Punk Music dot com ... and more ...  ... and still more Punk related links
Old Punks from Hamburg our hometown`s Punk history  ~  funny picture-gallery
Hamburg Punk about what`s going on in Hamburg punkwise
Punk Will Never Die  Italian webzine with mp3s & videos
Entes Anomicos argentinian webzine Punk & Rock`n`Roll webzine
Punk Rock Finder  
Unixpunx ...also have a server full of Punk mp3s !
Treibsand Punk-club in north-Germany - many pictures of live-shows
Radau-Bar Hamburg`s coolest hangout

Politics Music Punk pages & webzines Trash Culture & weird stuff MP3
Political Resources on the Net link resource for political organizations worldwide
Independant Media Center a collective of independent media organizations
Cursor Links to current interesting articles
Bush in 30 seconds Anti-Bush ads
Michael Moore the author and filmmaker`s site with lots of info
Free Speech TV if you can`t get decent news on TV - go here
Disinformation database about a variety of subjects

Trash Culture and weird stuff Music Politics Punk pages & webzines MP3
The Greatest Films of the Sixties  
... and Seventies  
Sixties British Pop Culture  
James Bond Fanclub  
The Avengers the TV-series that defined the 60`s
Lieutenant Uhura Henry `s favorite Star Trek character
The First Church Of Shatnerology William Shatner (Cpt. Kirk) Fanpage - very funny !
Space Patrol German sci-Fi TV classic from the sixties
PythOnline Monty Python`s Flying Circus` official site
The Munsters Eddie Munster`s official site
retroCRUSH miscellanious stuff from way back when
Album Covers cover gallery
Cover Heaven cheesy album covers
The Vinyl Gallery ... and even more album covers
Winston Smith the cover artist for the Dead Kennedys and others
Marvel Comics Howies favorite comic heroes (X-Men, Spidey...)
This Modern World political comics and cartoons
Mullet Junky a good laugh about people who wear their hair short in the front & long in the back
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Mr. X Homer Simpson`s website

MP 3 pages and Internet Radio Music Punk pages & webzines Politics Trash Culture & weird stuff
Punk Rawk  
Punk Rocker 66 Punk & Rock`n´Roll mp3s and more
Oldies but Goodies lots of covers ...
cover me...I`m going in ... and more covers
The Punk Factory  
Punk & Hardcore mp3s  
Raven`s Sound Clips  
mp3 music charts and more  
Trash Surfin cool punk radioshow
Sweet Soul Music playing 60s Soul (Stax etc.)
SoulSeek file-sharing
WinMX file-sharing
IUMA Internet Underground Music Archive

Music Punk pages & webzines Politics Trash Culture & weird stuff MP3 pages & Internet radio

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